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Ever wondered what mead is? Commonly referred to as honey wine, this ancient fermented beverage is making a comeback and here’s all you need to know.
If talk of ‘terroir’ and ‘tannins’ has you scratching your head, our guide to 36 common wine terms will help build your tasting confidence in no time.
Love wine? Join the club! Here are our 12 of our favorite wine clubs and subscriptions to seek out, from Napa to Sonoma and beyond!
Before you visit a tasting room, it’s good to know the general rules of wine etiquette. Here are our best tips for having a seamless wine tasting experience.
From intimate inns to luxurious resorts, Sonoma County has no shortage of lodging options. Here are 9 great places to stay in Sonoma County.
Wineries are the very heart and soul of Wine Country here in Sonoma County. As you travel through each valley, you will find a variety of estates, each with their own unique vineyards and tasting rooms to appreciate and enjoy.

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