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While the gift of wine never goes out of style, why not think outside the gift box? Here are 7 Wine Country experiences sure to impress everyone on your list.
Don't let the bubbles fool you. Although sparkling wine and Champagne both possess a refreshing effervescence and a similar trademark "pop" when uncorked, there are a few main reasons why the two labels display different names.
Ever wondered if there’s more to wine preferences than taste? Our whimsical wine horoscope helps you discover which wines to drink based on your zodiac sign.
Ready to organize your wine collection this year? Here are the best wine storage ideas for every budget, home size, and style.
Ever wondered what mead is? Commonly referred to as honey wine, this ancient fermented beverage is making a comeback and here’s all you need to know.
If talk of ‘terroir’ and ‘tannins’ has you scratching your head, our guide to 36 common wine terms will help build your tasting confidence in no time.

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