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While all of us at WineCountry.com aren’t deep into sportsball. Those of us that are know how to through a good game day party. Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to American food consumption, but your game day eats need not be as unrefined as the food they serve at football stadiums.
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Fun Wine Country Trivia! Geek out on wine questions and quizzes.
Whether the boys are back in town or you’d rather burn out, than fade away or maybe you think the answer is blowin’ in the wind or all you need is love there are some rockin’(and rollin’) wineries catering to your love of music and all that jazz.
Whether you’re visiting wine country in Washington, California, or even Virginia there’s no better way to get the bird’s eye view than a Hot Air Balloon excursion.
Wine country might be closer to your front door than you realize. There are blossoming wine countries all over the country from the southwest to the midwest to the southeast. Several of these areas were thriving wine countries until Prohibition hit and are now enjoying a rebirth.
People pursuing healthy lifestyles often turn to organic and natural foods in order to avoid chemicals and additives that just don’t seem healthy to ingest. And wineries are starting to meet that demand, too, offering organic, sustainable, biodynamic and even vegan wines at every price point.
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Named the Second Best Place to Live in the USA by US News and World Report and one of 13 hottest cities in the U.S. by Business Insider, Austin may captivate you with its unique charms and you may wake up one day during your 72-hour visit and decide to park your boots here a little bit longer.
It seems a winery or a tasting room opens daily, somewhere in the world. Everyone wants to be in the wine business. And why not? Wine has an aura of sophistication, fun, and adventure that is hard to beat.

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