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Oregon’s craft beer scene is exploding and we’ve found some of the must stops when you’re in the beautiful part of the PNW.
Thanksgiving is the best time of year for gathering together with family and friends to make some of the most fun and unforgettable memories. Everyone looks forward to a table of warm, delectable foods, tantalizing sweet treats, and more football than one day can handle.
When your time or transportation options are limited, it can be tough to arrange a tasting excursion. Fortunately, as the gateway to wine country, San Francisco offers a number of convenient options for sampling fine Sonoma and Napa Valley selections.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Homes are beaming with Christmas décor and stores are bustling with holiday shoppers. This is also the time of year you receive more invitations to parties than your smart phone calendar can handle.
Don’t throw out your wine corks --- they can be “upcycled” to make fun and cute do-it-yourself holiday gifts. You’ll probably go through countless wine corks over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays
Let these GIFs say “Cheers to 2017”! 1.When you preemptively hide your phone from yourself, knowing the holidays are coming Because wine and exes don’t mix well Insider’s Tip: If you need a serious break, consider any of these excellent spas to relax and unwind from the late night don’t-do-it phone calls. 2. When your ...
Though not as famous or perpetually sunny as Napa Valley, Oregon’s scattered wine countries boast acres upon acres of fertile ground that lend themselves to rich-yet-versatile wines. Visitors to these wineries will enjoy some of the region’s most full-bodied flavors in tasting rooms nestled amidst the state’s verdant natural wonders.
It’s the new year and we suggest you spend it in California wine country. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite places to spend the seasons. Whether it’s fall in Santa Barbara or spring in Napa Valley, we’re ready to welcome you to wine country!
For carnivores, nothing beats a sizzling steak and full-bodied cabernet sauvignon dining experience. Whether you crave your red meat well-charred, aged-to-perfection, melt-in-your-mouth tender, fatty as a rib-eye, as a plate of steak frites, or just a juicy hunk of hamburger in a potato bun, the one most important element to elevate the experience is what’s in your glass.
While all of us at WineCountry.com aren’t deep into sportsball. Those of us that are know how to through a good game day party. Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to American food consumption, but your game day eats need not be as unrefined as the food they serve at football stadiums.

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