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Named the Second Best Place to Live in the USA by US News and World Report and one of 13 hottest cities in the U.S. by Business Insider, Austin may captivate you with its unique charms and you may wake up one day during your 72-hour visit and decide to park your boots here a little bit longer.
It seems a winery or a tasting room opens daily, somewhere in the world. Everyone wants to be in the wine business. And why not? Wine has an aura of sophistication, fun, and adventure that is hard to beat.
No one can argue with the relaxation and happiness of a well-deserved vacation. Sometimes it’s not an actual place, but a state of mind. No really! You can mimic yourself a mini wine country vacation for yourself every time with these 15 products you can find and get shipped to your homestead courtesy of you favorite wine country locations.
We’re now coming into spring, how have your new year’s goals held up? If health and wellness were at the top of your list, we’ve got some suggestions are completing those goals. A California Wine Country vacation is one of the most enjoyable ways to combine fun with a health-conscious experience.
Now that you’ve made the decision to book a trip to wine country the next big questions is how to get there. The great thing about California vineyards is that their central location offers numerous options for travel.
Wine is part of the European culture, predominantly consumed during meals. Time spent in France oftentimes fuels a curiosity, if not intense desire, to learn about French wines.
Nicole McLaughlin is a food and lifestyle writer from California. When she’s not in the kitchen testing her latest recipes, you can find her out exploring the wonders of fermentation in San Diego’s vibrant craft beer scene.
Live the extraordinary in wine country alongside the makers, shakers, and tastemakers with offerings from WineCountry Experiences! Inclusive and absolutely unique, Experiences are one-of-a-kind adventures ranging from bite-sized afternoon jaunts to fully planned getaways.
Wine lovers shifting from casual collectors to serious connoisseurs often encounter the same problem: lack of storage. You have too many bottles to stash in your kitchen or a beverage cart but nowhere else to store them.
Barbecuing is a year-round event in California, however, nothing says summertime more than firing up the grill, donning your canvas apron, and whipping up a full menu of food fit for outdoor dining.

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